The founders of Metadoro had an overarching vision to build the kind of unsurpassed trading experience for all traders that they themselves longed for but which was not available in the CFD trading market. A marriage of enviable trading conditions and modern sophisticated tools and features, backed up by professional and attentive support, and specialized educational / analysis materials. This drive and focus with help and support from specialist international teams, quickly saw Metadoro emerge as a market leader.

We strive to bring the benefits of trading to everybody who wishes to explore the markets with easy-to-use but very powerful facilities at your fingertips. All the while catering for all levels of expertise from complete raw beginners to professional traders.

An aspect of the superior trading experience is, in fact, the excellent brokerage behind it. A program of continuous service improvement keeps the technology current and a series of innovations along with transparent pricing and lightning-fast execution ensures our traders have all the facilities required to maximize their profitability.

We operate a very simple but highly effective philosophy. We earn loyalty from our traders by delivering exceptional customer satisfaction. This builds a reputation for quality of service that is spread through word of mouth by happy clients. Add to that our constant observations of trends in the marketplace and the industry, which we monitor and use to drive technological improvements. The result is a platform and environment that has grown in sophistication as we attract a more demanding clientele. Our steely determination not to compromise includes our dedication to offering really tight spreads and rapid execution.

We value a long term relationship with our successful trading clients. We have steadily achieved this through the quality of our service and environment, as well as truly great support. You experience the full effect through contact with your personal account manager and our always-available professional support team.

Our Ethos and Values

Trust and Reliability
Honor and Honesty
Openness and Accessibility
Flexibility and Availability
Constant Service Improvement
Robust Corporate Governance
Committed to Our Responsibilities