Alteryx is a data analysis platform to process big data. Alteryx solutions allows to process the large amounts of data “within the box” without hiring expensive highly tailored personnel. During the pandemic the company adjusted remoted working processes, but is now gaining on in other segments of business. Its shares are traded 70% below their highs in 2021, while the financial situation of the company remains stable.

The overall target market for company’s services is estimated at $65 billion while the annual revenue of the company is at $700 million. So, there is enough room for further expansion. This expansion may be supported by companies from various industries that could look for its services, such as Neftlix, Visa, Chevron and many others.

The Q1 2022 revenues rose by 33% year-on-year to $157.9 million beating the Wall Street’s forecast of $145 million. Alteryx operation margin rose to 25-30% compared to 0% in 2021 by slashing marketing costs. Meanwhile, gross margin rose to 88%, one of the highest in the industry.

The mid-term target price is at $77 per share.