It may be a commonplace opinion, or even deja moo, but a Cupertino-based brainchild of Steve Jobs now led by Tim Cook and his team, is trading around $150 or even lower. Such an attractive price range for Apple was last seen in November 2021, before the announcement that the iPhone maker has also a realistic plan to launch production of its alternative and fully autonomous electric vehicles aiming at 2024-2025. Much water has flown under the bridge since that time, including an amazing all-time record equity per share of $2.1 for Q4 2021 also on record quarter revenue of almost $124 billion. Released on January 27, 2022, those financial results prompted a buoyant wave of fresh bullish activity on Apple, which helped them to grow to the peak of nearly $183 per share. 

The current price discount of more than 18% from the historical peaks of this year for Apple looks even more defiant, recalling the target levels above $200 per share, which were often mentioned in their forecasts just a couple of months ago by leading investment houses, including Goldman Sachs и JPMorgan. The recent presentation in March did not show any unexpected novelties, but the company's next reports in early May and late July would probably contain increased sales numbers thanks to 5G technology gadgets. The actual information from one of Apple's suppliers, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd, also known as Foxconn, that it had to suspend operations in China's Shenzhen amid a local corona lockdown of a 17 million mega polis, would highly likely be forgotten by that time, and financial achievements may come to the fore again. The suspension of the delivery of Apple products to Russia, even if it drags on, will not have more than 1% impact on the total revenue.