The similar disposition is now for The Walt Disney Company prospects, or it looks even better. Launched only in November 2019, the service reported the overall number of subscribers reached almost 130 million, valid for the beginning of February 2021. This is 36.6% up from 94.9 million just a year before, and also beating consensus expectations of about 125.7 million. Average monthly cash proceeds per one service user in the U.S. region increased to $6.68 from $5.80, while each international subscriber gave $5.96 on average in 2021 vs $4.73 in 2020. The rise in retail prices did not hurt the rapid growth of Disney+ services. However, the market crowd expected an even more clear growth forecast for the rest of the year, considering all the past excellent results as already priced-in. As a result, Disney shares are trading more than 35% below the peak values of March 2021. 

The corrective tendency has not ended to the current date, even though Disney has almost completely restored another most important source of its profits, the theme parks. International parks were partially affected in Q4 2021 by virus restrictions, but U.S. parks and resorts already succeeded in delivering revenue above pre-pandemic levels. Sales in the parks, other experience and products segment more than doubled to $7.23 billion on an annual basis. The total sales of The Walt Disney Company rose 34% to its highest level ever of $21.82 billion in the quarter ended January 1, Disney earned $1.06 per share, exceeding the quarter threshold of $1 per share for the first time in the corona era, beating the expert forecasts by more than 45%. “This marks the final year of the Walt Disney Company’s first century, and performance like this coupled with our unmatched collection of assets and platforms, creative capabilities, and unique place in the culture give me great confidence we will continue to define entertainment for the next 100 years,” Disney's CEO Bob Chapek said. He believes the streaming services of Disney will have 230 million to 260 million subscribers by 2024. If these plans would be fulfilled, then it looks like repeating the previous price highs is just a question of time for Disney stocks.