Frequently Asked Questions

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  • My Account
    How can I register for Metadoro?

    Navigate to the top right of the website and click on the "Sign Up" button. That launches a pop-up window. Just fill in the information and check the box that confirms you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions. Then submit your details and that’s it!

  • Deposit
    How safe is my account balance?

    Extremely safe because we deploy professional strength encryption over what’s called SSL (Secure Socket Layer). All your personal details are safe, as are all your funds and trading transactions. That includes your passwords, your card details and your confidential data.

  • Regulation
    Regulated Broker Benefits

    Regulation is designed to protect you primarily and imposes stringent rules which we welcome very much. Regulation is in everybody’s interest, including ours. It means you trade on our platform in a regulated environment, which makes it highly reliable and trustworthy.

  • Trading
    How do I close an open position?

    Each of your open trades appears at the bottom of the screen. Click on the Close button beside the position you wish to close out and a pop-up window appears asking you to confirm your decision or cancel it. It also offers the option of partially closing the trade.

  • Verification
    How do I submit my documents and photo ID?

    You can upload scanned documents by navigating to the red bar at the top of the
    Metadoro website. Simply follow the link and instructions to upload your

  • Withdraw
    How long does it take?

    Assume that it will take x-xx business days for us to perform the required security checks prior to activating
    payment. The time taken for payment methods from that point may vary by payment method and the
    payment processing service.