Company Shares

Trading the stock market remains one of the most popular investment mechanisms, especially for the medium to long term. A company’s stock fluctuates in response to internal developments, such as an earnings report or profit warning, as well as external events in the market and general environment.

Press and media reports of product successes or failures can cause the company’s stock to rise or fall, as well as impacting the stock of major competitors. Some companies also share any profits with shareholders by way of dividends, rewarding those who hold that stock.

You can take advantage of the benefits of CFDs at Metadoro and invest in the price movements of a company’s stock without having to actually purchase the stock (the underlying asset). Note that you may Sell (go short) using CFDs, which is not permitted when dealing in actual stocks. You may buy and sell fractional shares rather than actual units of stock. That means that with Metadoro you could invest, say, $100 in a stock that could have an actual cost of $500 on the stock exchange.

You can invest in many big name stocks, including:

Apple SharesApple
Microsoft SharesMicrosoft
Tesla SharesTesla