Chiliz (CHZ) has demonstrated a solid 4.5% increase, reaching $0.1454 this week, albeit slightly retracing from its peak of $0.1520 on March 26. The most notable achievement is surpassing the crucial resistance level at $0.1500. Remarkably, this breakthrough occurred despite Bitcoin hovering around $70,000, indicating strong underlying momentum within the project.

The positive price action is underpinned by ongoing developments within the Chiliz ecosystem. Notably, the project forged partnerships with prominent entities such as Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and French energy giant EDF. EDF has become a Chiliz blockchain validator, with its subsidiary Exaion leading efforts to promote blockchain technology adoption while prioritizing sustainability and decentralization. This collaboration has garnered attention and may serve as a catalyst for further upward movement in the token's price.

With this momentum and positive news flow, CHZ could potentially extend its gains beyond the $0.1500 mark, targeting levels around $0.1750 in the near term.