Shiba Inu (SHIB) has surged by 5.7% to $0.0000233 following a 3.6% decline to $0.0000215 on Monday. This sharp reversal hints at a potential robust movement in the making. SHIB prices have formed an almost symmetrical triangle pattern on the chart, indicative of uncertainty. However, after a failed attempt to breach the support at $0.0000200, the token appears poised to ascend towards the resistance at $0.0000300.

Notably, The Data Nerd has disclosed that a whale has amassed approximately 100.4 billion SHIB and deposited it on Coinbase. This move doesn't suggest an imminent sell-off; instead, the whale might be positioning to capitalize on an upward surge in SHIB prices to $0.0000300 before considering profit-taking.