Ravencoin (RVN) is showing a 1.0% increase to $0.01960 this week, recovering from an 8.7% loss that saw prices drop to $0.01789 on June 24. This rebound aligns with the broader recovery in the crypto market, where Bitcoin has gained 3.8%, reaching $62,394.

Ravencoin's recent surge to $0.02043 is also linked to the positive performance of NVidia stocks, which continue to rise in the premarket on Wednesday. This correlation suggests that the upward movement in NVidia stocks might be contributing to the bullish sentiment in the crypto market, potentially signaling further gains for crypto assets.

Crucially, RVN prices have now reclaimed the support level at $0.02000. If prices can maintain above this threshold, it would negate the previously anticipated downside scenario that targeted $0.01000.