Chainlink Labs and Coin98 (CNE) established channel partnership on September 26. New partners agreed to support the ever-increasing Web3 developer. Chainlink Labs is a top Web3 service platform responsible for creating Chainlink. This partnership may increase the quality of financial services offered by both companies.

The news received a warm welcome in the investment community. CNE prices jumped by 5.5% in the same day the partnership was announced, and increased its gains to 15% during the next six days. The most important is not the jump itself, but a breakthrough of the downtrend. Coin98 network metrics also signal improvement since the beginning of September.

However, this price increase could not be called sustainable yet. The overall pressure in the crypto market is weighing on the CNE too. So, its prices may slide towards $0.1000. This is a distant downside target so far. Once the pressure on crypto assets will disappear Coin98 could be among the leaders of the next crypto rally.