Binance Coin (BNB) has a positive performance in October. Its prices went up by almost 5.0% to $225 per coin. It also added another 2.4% during two first days of November to $231 per coin. BNB is under increasing regulatory pressure of the CTFC and the U.S. SEC in the last eight months. But the recent Bitcoin rally and a series of SEC’s lost court trials against some major crypto projects BNB felt that the pressure could be eased. Interesting fact that infamous Sam Bankman-Fried, who is behind FTX and some other crypto companies, including Alameda Research, was attempting to stimulate this regulatory pressure on Binance in the United States. This fact could be interpreted as collateral evidence that this pressure from CFTC and SEC might be attributed to these efforts. This would be a major blow to the reputation of these institutions, and a good reason to revise these regulatory claims. This or any other positive reason could be a good chance for BNB to rise towards the nearest resistance at $250 per coin.