Altcoins’ rally continues in the crypto market. Bitcoin prices rose by 30% to $35,300 since October 16, when the rally started. Ethereum (ETC) added 21% to $1890 per coin during the same period. Still, altcoins has some room to expand their upside. And some of them even outrun Bitcoin already.

Loopring (LRC) added 34.5% since October 16 breaking through the important resistance at $0.200, and continued to surge towards $0.250. A magnificent result. But the coin is unlikely to continue further up, as it has no abilities to do so by its own. Social dominance and Network development metrics were going down recently, according to But the altcoin may have some inertia to make some way up. It may boost LRC to the resistance at $0.250, but it is unlikely to go up any further above this level.