ApeCoin (APE) has added 4.5% to $1.65 per token since the beginning of December. The token is far from the breached resistance at $1.50. However, instead of accelerating towards the next level at $2.00, it seems to have grown bored.

The same trend could be spotted for the NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection. Bored Apes NFT’s have added 3.5% to $69,680 in December. BAYC has been consolidating under the $70,000 resistance for the past two weeks. If the pressure on this level continues mounting, a breakthrough could be expected.

Perhaps this is exactly what APE is waiting for. With the continuation of overall market positive sentiment and a surge in prices for the flagship product of Yuga Labs, the ApeCoin may cut its boredom and accelerate its growth towards the $2.00 resistance level.