Cardano (ADA) is experiencing a retreat on Tuesday, showing only a 4.3% weekly growth at $0.7460. Although the token saw a 10.1% surge to $0.7840 on Monday, it fell short of breaking through the resistance at $0.8000. ADA appears to be underperforming compared to other altcoins, as many have recovered their losses from March 5 and continue to rally, while ADA prices remain below their highs from March 4.

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson emphasized that building a strong ecosystem is a top priority, highlighting the focus on long-term sustainability and the development of the Cardano ecosystem over short-term price movements. However, some investors are looking to secure profits, and the hesitation to miss out on other opportunities in the booming altcoin market might be contributing to ADA's current situation.

Hoskinson's response also brought attention to changes in the ADA holding structure. There is an increase in short-term holdings, while mid-term investors are departing from the project. This shift in investor sentiment and structure may pose challenges for ADA in surpassing the $0.8000 threshold without a notable dive first.