I'm considering a modest risk investment strategy amidst anticipated stock market turbulence, and I find the Mexican peso particularly appealing. The USDMXN pair has shown a consistent pattern of following an ascending channel since 1994, with the support of this channel proving resilient on multiple occasions. Currently, prices are resting at this support level, presenting what I believe to be an excellent buying opportunity within the range of 16.500-17.500.

My target for potential gains lies within the range of 23.500-25.500, representing a potential upside of 42.0%. To mitigate risk, I've set a stop-loss at 13.000, ensuring that losses are limited should the market move against my position.

In my assessment, even in a worst-case scenario, I anticipate the pair to follow the support of the channel, providing a level of stability. However, in the event of significant crisis events akin to those seen in 2008 and 2020, I believe the pair could see substantial upward movement.

This strategy resembles a safe-haven call option, where I maintain the position open while paying only for the opportunity it presents.