Brutal August and September for the EUR/USD already sent the major currency pair from its previously comfortable nest at 1.10 to the levels below 1.05. Further suffering of the single currency looks highly likely, so that it may even hit parity with the Greenback in the months ahead. Further Dollar strength could be based on the U.S. Federal Reserve's (Fed) course for its interest rates to be held higher and for longer. The USD index wrapped up its 11th straight weekly win. U.S. Treasury yields are near their highs in the 21st century. The Aussie slid to its lows since October 2022 due to another halt in interest rates by the Australian central bank. ECB’s chairlady Christine Lagarde might be dovish as well this Wednesday (when her pre-recorded welcome address at "2023 ECB Conference on Monetary Policy: bridging science and practice" in Frankfurt, Germany is expected), this may contribute to the interest rate differential hopes of the Euro bears.

I would increase my personal stakes on EURUSD decline to below 1.00 area, with a proper stop-loss orders above 1.0736 highs of September 20, which was the day of the last meeting of the Federal Reserve.