Tilray is another cannabis producer from Canada. Its stocks surged amid expectations of marijuana legalisation in the United States, but are now trading far below their peaks of $67 in 2021. The current price at $3 per share, is somewhat attractive as long-term investments.

The majority of TLRY revenues do not come from marijuana sales although the company does control 8.3% of the cannabis market in Canada. Tilray receives 34% of its revenues from cannabis sales. It is the only cannabis producer in Canada that has positive adjusted EBITDA, and sustainable financials overall. The company has cash and cash equivalents of $433.5 million with a debt of $593 million.

Tilray has large greenhouses in Canada and can easily boost production of cannabis if it becomes legal for the whole territory of the United States. The company has invested $165.7 million into its U.S. company MedMen that conducts operations in many American states.