Tesla stock prices rose by 80% from the beginning of 2023, but are still 50% off their peaks. Despite high volatility, the company has stable business perspectives. Elevated demand for electric vehicles allows Tesla to sell all vehicles produced, and to increase production to meet demand. The major challenges for the company are the expected launch of the CyberTruck and the increase of TeslaSemi production.

Tesla continues to attract investors’ attention. Revenues are expected to rise by 26% year-on-year to $103 billion in 2023 amid rising demand and sales. Revenues for 2030 are estimated at $355 billion, and these numbers may become a reality as Elon Musk is planning to boost production to 20 million vehicles in 2030 from 1.37 million in 2022. Besides, the production in 2022 rose by 47% from 2021.

New models and subscription extensions for full autopilot (FSD) and premium services, new gigafactories construction, manufacturing of batteries, and opportunities to enter new markets, are the company’s growth drivers. In short, Tesla’s future is looking promising.