General Motors stocks are trading 40% off their peak prices. Investors are monitoring the company’s efforts in electric vehicle production, which is a new area for GM. The company’s management is expecting to raise EV production to 1 million vehicles by 2025 to get $50 billion in revenues. This is a very ambitious plan as GM is planning to increase Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) by 12% over the next three years.

GM’s key partner in EV’s production, LG Energy Solutions, has recently expressed doubts about “some investments in the United States” given the uncertainty of economic growth in the U.S. General Motors also has some speculations about other possible partners. This contradictory incoming information is affecting GM’s stock prices.

Rival Tesla is lowering prices for its EVs and this is having an effect on the used cars market, making EVs more affordable worldwide. GM perspectives are looking clouded and uncertain until investors receive a clear sign that the company has the abilities to conquer the new market segment.