Adobe stocks are trading 50% below their peak prices despite strong financials. The company received 33 cents profit from every $1 dollar revenue in Q3 2022, which is 10% above the same period for 2021. This allowed Adobe to approve a buyback of $6.3 billion.

“We delivered record operating cash flows with a focus on profitability,” CEO Shantanu Narayen told analysts on a conference call. He said the company is remaining cautious and won’t be immune to a worsening economy. Software developers are the main beneficiaries of the digital transformation of businesses. Adobe’s CFO Dan Durn said the past year was a record one in terms of new commercial subscribers, and many new subscribers are not professionals.

Wall Street believes in the “Rule of 40” that states a software company's combined revenue growth rate and profit margin should equal or exceed 40%. Adobe reached 54% up for the revenues which is extremely attractive in the current environment when others are diving into negative territory. Adobe’s operational margin at 33% looks impressive on this background.