General Electric stocks are trading 75% off their peak in early 2000s, moving sideways since 2019, and trying to hold its process above $40 per share. This may change for the better soon considering the company’s efforts in the aviation industry. Boeing and Airbus have announced a contract with Air India for 540 aircrafts in the middle of February. Boeing may gain $20 billion on this contract, while Airbus may have even bigger profits of $38 billion. But behind this contract is General Electric as a major sub-contractor. Aircraft firms are very limited in term of engines they can use in aircraft construction. Only GE (GEnx-1B) or Trent 1000 Rolls Royce engines can be installed on Boeing 787. Airbus A320neo requires CFM LEAP 1A engines from GE and Safran or PW1100G from Pratt & Whitney. The sub-contractor is usually not announced just after the signing of the contract, but this time GE reported it will deliver 800 CFM LEAP engines, 20 GE9X and 40 GEnx-1B engines sub-contracting to service these engines for Air India. The tremendous effort will certainly have a positive effect on company stock prices in the long run.