JPM shares are trading 30% off their peak prices. Its net profit hit $9.7 billion in the last quarter compared with $8.6 billion in the previous one. Rising interest rates could significantly support its banking business, helping loans generate a decent amount of profit. The deposit margin in the Q3 2022 rose to 1.83% year-on-year from 1.29% a year before.

The Credit Adequacy Ratio (CAR), which indicates a bank’s available capital and it the most adequate measurement that represent all assets, including the risky ones, is rarely published. Instead, the Common Equity Tier 1 (CET1) capital is disclosed that is based only on common stocks, net surplus and other accrued revenues. CET1 should be above 4.5%, while JPM has it at 12.5% and it is going to be increased to 13% by the beginning of 2023. The bank is planning to resume active buy backs in 2023. JPM stocks dividend yield is at 3.6%, while P/E ratio is at 10, which is considered to be attractively low for such kind of assets.