Alteryx offers solutions for end-to-end automation of analysis and data science together with machine learning. The “most sexiest job of 21 century,” according to Harvard Business Review, didn’t helped AYX stocks to survive the recent correction, as they lost 80% of their max value.

Though, more and more companies understand the need for data science, not many are prepared to spend big money on data science team. And here comes Alteryx with its automated solutions to help the client to focus on their performance and to stop cleaning up the mess with documents. Netflix, Wells Fargo, Visa, Meta, and many others are among Alteryx clients.

The market valuation is currently at $65 billion, but it is expected to increase to $113 billion by 2025, while Alteryx has reported its annual revenues of $1 billion only. The company reported Q1 2023 revenue is up by 26% to $199.1 million, forecasting revenues up by 16% in 2023. The company’s management is working to improve margins and to cut staff by 11%. These cuts will be mostly related to sales and marketing employees. If the management succeeds in these efforts to improve margins, AYX stocks will have more reasons to recover.