Trade Desk stocks lost 40% of its peak prices which were recorded at the end of 2021. The company offers programmatic marketing automation services to personalise digital content. It unites advertising platforms to facilitate the process and make it much easier for advertisers. The company is often called the major rival of Google Ads.

Trade Desk is the major mover of Unified ID 2.0, a user identity resolution tool that is an alternative to cookies in advertising targeting. This tool can help users to avoid hard-sell advertising that is based on user visits, while increasing the effectiveness of ads.

The company presented very solid Q1 2023 results with revenues up by 21% YoY to $383 million despite the strong base of the Q1 2022. The second half of 2023 seems to be even more promising, as the advertising market is seen to be recovering, and possibly booming. The effect of a strong base should vanish. No wonder Trade Desk management expects revenues up by 25% in 2023 compared to 2022. Wall Street analysts expect revenues to go up by 20%. So, investors could benefit from early investments before analysts upgrade their forecasts.