New Relic is operating in web-tracking and analytics, with its cloud-based software allowing to track user interactions and service operators' software and hardware performance. Its stock prices lost 45% since the end of 2021 despite quite demanded service to track software bugs and early cyber security treats recognition abilities. The company is not a novice in its segment, but has managed to surprise investors after its products restructuring in 2020. These efforts boosted its revenues up by 20%. The company maintains roughly the same pace of expansion since then.

The company has introduced a new subscription model, when a client is paying according to the platform actual capacities used. New Relic is also experimenting with the grace period limited functionality of the platform. This allows to interest small firms that may eventually expand and increase capacities that it is using. The company has moved around 12,000 client or around 39% onto this new subscription model, and is planning another 4,000 clients to move to it within the next 4-6 quarters. So, the company has a viable source of increasing its revenues in the nearest future.