Meta (Facebook) stock prices have risen by 130% over the last five years to a record level of $380. However, this year stocks plunged to $160 amid market correction and some bad news for the company itself. Meta’s Facebook and Instagram have lost part of the young audience that moved to TikTok. Nevertheless, Meta stocks are seen to be heavily undervalued as the company continues to introduce new services such as Quest Pro AR, which has to do with virtual reality equipment, in October 2022. 

Meta is betting on the Metaverse segment development. The company changed its name to Meta to show that it is going to expand beyond Facebook and other social media platforms. That is how significant the metaverse segment is for Meta. The company plans to launch a high-end headset for virtual and augmented reality, which altogether with controllers, virtual reality glasses, batteries, and cables are estimated to cost around $1500. Virtual reality glasses alone would cost a minimum of $799.

Meta is surely ahead of its rival Apple that is planning to launch it virtual reality headset in 2023 at much higher prices of around $2000. Nevertheless, Apple is a serious competitor that may nudge Meta to lower its end prices for Quest Pro AR. Meta may lower its prices during the Christmas sales. So. It may be well ahead of Apple to win consumer hearts and eyes to become a leader in the premium VR devices segment.