Investing some extra money, even at elevated prices, into NVIDIA stocks could be a great idea. Let's make a very simple calculation. Putting a stop loss order at levels near $400 per share may give a risk only $100 per share or so, yet having a chance to gain much more in the mid-term, as banks and funds are raising their targets for the stock to $600 - $800. Thus, buying NVIDIA stocks at any price around $485-$500 per share or even slightly higher than $500 still looks like a very good investment, especially as the first move of prices was to more than $510 in an extended trading late Wednesday already, and then a moderate price correction took place during the regular session the next day.

Picking up some satellite stocks, which are closely related to the AI boom and hyping projects, looks to be a reasonable choice as well. One may easily list well-known tech giants like Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Microsoft, Google or some other large chip makers, which may form young shoots to grow well, though probably lagging behind a continuous stratospheric rise of NVIDIA as a pioneer in production big data processing chips which are suitable for AI tests and applications.

As for NVIDIA, its revenue numbers actually doubled compared with the summer of 2022. The leading chipmaker's EPS (equity per share) tripled for the last two quarters. Meanwhile, the company CEOs forecasted its future sales of $16 billion for Q3, which is about $2.5 billion higher than was recorded in its Q2 report. Again, NVIDIA unveiled its additional $25 billion buyback plan. What other combination of drivers could be a sufficient condition for the stock at least not falling down or slowly but steadily creeping up, which is much more likely.