My expectations of the best performance from major stakes in my personal portfolio are all justified in the last few days. Two weeks ago, I swapped an old block of Disney shares for fresh stakes in Netflix, NVIDIA and Adobe, and all those new acquisitions soared further into the sky. Netflix jumped from $499 to $562 (+12.5%) when its global streaming services signed up 13 million new customer accounts, the highest value of net additions in one quarter. And there is nothing else to say more about NVIDIA and AMD, as AI chip producers generated +13% and +24% of extra profit respectively, since January 12. Even though I sold two thirds of my AMD stock volume before Christmas, as I needed some cash money and according to money management principles of redistributing intermediate gains, the rest of the stake continues to bring money, and I do not want to artificially stop the process, which brings me joy and income. Adobe was trading with an discount at $595 when I bought it, and now it is recovering above $620 (+4.5% from the entry point). Again, I never thought of cutting the other piece of my Google (GOOG) after a partial profit taking in mid-November, and it was a right decision, as the stock just hit its all-time high at nearly $154 per share, soon after its parent Alphabet company eventually settled a patent infringement lawsuit over chips to feed the important AI segment of its business. Google happily avoided potential payment of up to $1.67 billion for a trial on Singular Computing's filing in Massachusetts federal court. Google did not violate patent rights while Singular, founded by a computer scientist Joseph Bates, claimed that Google allegedly incorporated his technology into processing units to support AI features in Google Search, Gmail, Google Translate and other services. AI based improvements, including a generative AI Bard, are widely expected to boost productivity and are highly demanded by customers. The last month breakout above Google's previous technical limits seems to pave the way to at least a $175 target, if the crowd is ready to focus on the average measured distance, which is typical for this stock's price behaviour.

Well, if I didn't have Google or Netflix in my portfolio, I would not hesitate to get them, even now. I would say the same thing to characterize the price action in another favourite of mine, which is the world's oldest pharmaceutical giant, Merck. It gained more than 15% for the last two months and looks ready to break above the next historical resistance at $120, thanks to absorbing Harpoon Therapeutic.