Among the great and powerful mega caps, or the so-called “Magnificent Seven” stocks, now I consider only Apple and Tesla as temporarily weaker parts of this unbroken seat belt while driving along a good investment autobahn. I will not repeat myself by speaking once again about Tesla's current weakening momentum. And I already wrote a few words on Google with an idea to pick it up soon but sometime later. What now looks most stable are uptrends in Microsoft, NVIDIA and Amazon.

As to the latest news and its impact on Apple dynamics, the market's negative response (-3.5%) after the bell on Thursday on its nominally 3.8% better-than-expected and ever-highest profit number was a bright example. The shareholders are clearly concerned with sliding iPhone sales in China. This gave the Cupertino nerds only $20.82 billion vs $23.53 billion in preliminary forecasts on Reuters. It was so pathetic, watching how Tim Cook complained about China as "the most competitive smartphone market in the world", which "hasn't changed". Yet, the share of his company on this market has changed, i.e. it continued to decline. By the way, the market value of Chinese manufacturers is also falling, so that is probably not the right moment to invest into the segment at all.

Meanwhile, Amazon already began looking more solid and stronger than Apple. Shares of Amazon soared by 8% to fresh multi-month highs, at the same day when Apple sank.

Amazon reported "a record-breaking Holiday shopping season" with $1.00 EPS against $0.80 expected (beating consensus by 25%), plus its own solid Q1 projection with a supposed sales range of $138 billion to $143.5 billion, rather in line with market bets on $142 billion. The e-platform success was better than Amazon Web Service cloud's contribution. ven now at $170 per share, there is a remaining discount in Amazon shares compared to its all-time highs above $188 in 2021. Still looks good for mid-term positioning! With a possible targeting at $200 or so.

When Meta jumps by double-digits, from below $400 to $450, in one leap - that's so cool. Yet, in the case of Meta, I am not so confident that Meta is able to extend the gains.