CrowdStrike Holdings (CRWD) is scheduled to report its earnings on March 5. Yet, being a cybersecurity peer of Palo Alto Networks, it also suddenly suffered from a 25% drop of Palo Alto after its forward guidance was update to a slower pace. Therefore, the market value of CrowdStrike decreased by more than 13% after the opening bell on February 21. The inertial motion for the segment may continue to drag down CRWD and some other stocks related to the AI- and cloud-related rally, if today's late night quarterly report of NVIDIA would not help to transcend the current profit-taking headwind. Nevertheless, this would unlikely have long lasting effects.

A 13-15% price adjustment may be enough for a revitalization of dip buyers in businesses like CrowdStrike, which had a $75 billion of market value in the beginning of the week, not to compare with giant semiconductor participants of the rally including Broadcom (AVGO) which is 7.5x greater in terms of market caps and now is in the top ten of the strongest heavy-weights of Wall Street. The share price of Broadcom now declined only within a couple percent compared to the closing of the previous regular session.

Expert consensus suggests a potential growth of CrowdStrike revenue by solid double-digits for the calendar year of 2024 and the financial year of 2025. The numbers are expected to slow down within the range from 30% to 40%. Some investment houses remain very bullish on the stock. Rosenblatt freshly raised its price target to $375 from the previous $315, with the Buy rating being reaffirmed. This group of analysts projects a robust earnings release with $838 million in a revenue line, meaning a 31.5% increase YoY. The confidence in the solid earnings report by CrowdStrike is still high on the market. Many resellers and chief information security officers noted CrowdStrike's reputation as the industry's gold standard and the Falcon platform's important role.

Wall Street's suggest company’s earnings per share (EPS) is at $0.82 on average, which corresponds the company's own guidance range of $0.81 to $0.82. One could easily compare these great numbers with $0.74 in Q3 2023, $0.47 in Q1 2022 (released in March 2023) and $0.30 two years ago. The big difference in business profit may explain growing bets on the stock to continue its rally within the nearest few months, even if some price correction stage may would precede next rounds of the upside move.