Intel Corp (INTC) stocks have experienced a significant decline of 16.6% to $42.0 per share since the beginning of 2024, presenting a challenging situation for its investors despite the prevailing AI mania that is expected to drive demand for computer chips. However, this downturn may present an opportunity for a potential recovery, especially as the stock has reached a support level within its uptrend.

Furthermore, rumors circulating about Intel potentially securing an $8.5 billion contract from the U.S. government to modernize its chip production facilities could serve as a positive catalyst for the company's stock.

Considering these factors, purchasing the stock within the $40.0-42.0 range with a target price of $50.0-52.0 per share appears to be a strategic move. Setting a stop-loss at $31.0 can help mitigate potential losses in case the stock does not perform as expected.