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Introduction of investing

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Purpose of this video:

- Understand investing

- Understand why to invest


So what is investment?

In simple words investment is placement of money or capital with the purpose to receive additional income or profit in the future.

What we save today, can generate profits tomorrow.

Despite that investing became more and more popular recently, for many people this activity still raises more questions than answers. So why do people invest? And shall I do so?


Main reason is inflation. There is no secret that money looses its value in time. What we could afford to buy for 100 “bucks” 10 years ago, now costs much more. In other words, by putting our savings in a best vault of the world we still expose ourselves to robbery, just by inflation.

Well, anything else?


Last but not the least we become older and our abilities (for most of us) to generate cash decrease over time.

In a short term the above may seem unimportant, at the same time regardless of whether we save for new apartment, car, education, loosing hardly earned money is frustrating.

Capital is constantly looking for a place where it can be placed more efficiently or simply increased.

So we are convinced once again that world is unfair and we need to do something. But what?

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