There are a lot of discussions currently going on about further regulations of the crypto market and a lot of talks about the advantages of the decentralization of the crypto exchanges, where users could easily exchange their coins without fearing any interference by the government. 1inch enables investors to find all of the decentralised trading platforms in one place and therefore find the most attractive prices. The service has become the first choice for many investors in the market over the past four years and it has gained vast popularity among traders. Plus, it managed to do so without any marketing campaigns.

The service has recently launched Fusion update, allowing for the exchange of cryptos without commissions. This option became a reality after the service allowed for the delegation of exchange operations to market makers. Before, token owners received a part of the commissions via the service and now they have the option to perform classic staking (depositing) of coins to receive passive income. This option allows them to withdraw tokens from circulation to ease inflationary pressure and support token prices. Ethereum launched this mechanism last year. 1inch is currently trading 95% off its peak prices.