DYDX tokens suffered a lot during the ongoing market correction and lost over 95% off their peak prices. dYdX is an advanced decentralised exchange, where clients can exchange cryptocurrencies and derivatives with marginal collateral. There are no KYC procedures to be followed within the exchange, as well as no need to disclose your personal data.

dYdX is runs on the Ethereum blockchain, known for its expensive transaction fees. However, StarkWare solution allows for lower fees as only commissions for trading are charged. The platform now runs on Layer 2 protocol which is incorporated into Ethereum’s  main network. This solution allows for transactions to be conducted instantly, while traders do not have to pay miners for validating transactions.

Market players are closely monitoring the dYdX V4 vehicle, which is  a standalone Cosmos blockchain, featuring a fully decentralised, off-chain, orderbook and matching engine. In other words, developers are going to create the entire trading infrastructure to scale up processes without involving any third-party applications. The service  cancelled two stimulus programs in order to lessen the effects of inflation within the dYdX platform and to support token prices.