Cosmos native token is trading 75% off its peak prices, which may be considered to be a success given that most of the crypto assets lost over 90% of their peak values. Cosmos is an ever-expanding ecosystem of interoperable and sovereign blockchain apps and services that is trying to solve the comparability problem among various blockchains that are now isolated networks with interconnection access bridges that are very vulnerable to hackers. Cosmos could be thought of as an independent ecosystem and most importantly as a group of interrelated blockchains where developers can create any infrastructure needed.

The closest peer is Polkadot which is at the early stages of development and whose effectiveness is questionable. Developers of Cosmos’ ecosystem may create applications in any programming languages and this significantly simplifies the process. They can also benefit from the advantages of the developed infrastructure.

Many crypto projects choose Cosmos to scale up their businesses, including prominent dYdX, Sei Network, a first level blockchain that allows for the creation of a decentralised crypto exchange which has the same processing speed of centralised exchanges. In other words, the demand for Cosmos technology is high and there are no reasons to expect its decline in the foreseeable future.