FLOW token is ranked 32 by the market cap and has good chances of becoming a new star of the next bullish cycle. FLOW is a very fast blockchain that is designed to work with decentralised gaming and other applications that support NFT technology. One of the FLOW founders, Dieter Shirley, is also a developer of the NFT ERC-721 standard that is one of the cornerstones of the non-fungible tokens industry.

The project was designed to eliminate the weaknesses of the Ethereum network, namely, high commissions and slow transactions processing speed. So, developers separated the block generation into two major tasks. The low-capacity computers network is responsible for defining the order of transactions while the block generation, that requires complex mathematics, is run on powerful computers. With this structure the problem of idle powerful computers and low-capacity computer ignorance was solved. Such an approach increased the network’s processing speed by 5000% to 1555 transactions per second. FLOW suffered heavily during the recent market correction. If the prices recover to their peaks from the current levels it would mean 1600% of profit.