Cosmos is a unique network of independent blockchains that differs it from its peers. Cosmos developers have decided to create an “internet of blockchains” where everybody could launch his own blockchain compatible with each other, and with external networks like Ethereum. ATM network’s native token prices surged by 700% in 2021, but went down after general market correction to January 2021 lows.

Cryptocurrencies price movements are heavily dependent on tech stocks, which are also considered risky assets. Both asset classes are suffering not from fundamental changes but from short-term change of investors’ sentiment. Supply chain disruptions, high inflation and recession may stimulate people to relocate their money in a safe haven assets to weather market correction. But, the need for technology projects and elevated yields ae always on investors’ radar.

There are 262 applications created inside Cosmos network that are in need for expansion onto DeFi world. The capitalization of the of the project is around $3.5 billion or 1.7% of the Ethereum. Some analyst suggest that such projects that enable a compatibility of various blockchains may lead the next rally in cryptomarket. Thus, a capitalization of cosmos may recover and surge for more than 10% of the market cap of Ethereum.