Ripple prices are adding modest 0.2% this week despite a loud victory with the judge Analisa Toress dismissed SEC’s appeal on her decision in July, when she declared that retail sales of the XRP token did not meet the legal definition of a security. This is not a complete loss for the regulator, so XRP prices rose by 6% only this time compared to 97% jump when the first ruling was delivered.

Nonetheless, it seems that investors used the opportunity to take profit. Coin prices dropped to the starting point soon after the news. The number of transactions in Ripple network dropped to the lowest since 2018 on October 5. In case of positive news the number of transactions should be rising instead.

So, it would be too early to bet on the XRP rally despite positive judge ruling. The coin demonstrates indolent reaction to the positive news, which is not a good sign. If its prices would climb above $0.60 per coin long trades could be considered.