Litecoin (LTC) was well behind the crypto rally in October. Bitcoin (BTC) added 27%, Ethereum (ETC) – 7%, while LTC scored only 3% in October. This could be attributed only to an after-halving syndrome.

The third halving in Litecoin network happened on August 2. LTC prices went immediately under pressure, as it was after previous two halvings too. LTC prices had a zero performance during 5 month after the first halving on August 25, 2015. It lost 57% during 4 months after the second halving on August 5 2019. The average decline is 28.5%.

The third halving happened at $87.50, while LTC prices lost 22% to $67.60 since August. The after-halving syndrome is likely to be terminated in December. Meanwhile, LTC prices are likely to remain between $60.00-70.00.