Tezos (XTZ) recorded a 2.5% gain, reaching $1.010 this week. Notably, intraday gains were even more robust at 4.8%, with prices touching $1.038 per token. This marks a new high since April 26. Interestingly, this upward movement occurred alongside a 2.5% pullback in Bitcoin (BTC) prices, which settled at $42,560. The most significant aspect is that XTZ successfully breached the formidable resistance at $1.00. This breakthrough, on the third attempt in the last three weeks, appears to be a notable achievement.

The rally in XTZ lacks specific internal news from the project to explain the surge. Even promotions related to the New Year and NFT collectibles associated with Manchester United and Aston Villa do not seem to have influenced the rally. Perhaps the absence of distractions could contribute to its sustained momentum. If this trend continues, the next resistance level to watch for is at $1.100.