I have booked gross profit on my modest combo bundle in various Wall Street assets. I don’t have serious doubts in fundamentals under a further upside road, yet I tried my best to earn some extra cash during this challenging year to enjoy a great Christmas trip with my girlfriend and her family. You know what I am talking about. Thus, I got relieved from nearly two thirds of my AMD stock volume, bought at $102 on the heels of NVIDIA's Q2 report and sold at $140.50 today. I also sold more than half of my stake in Microsoft, which I included in my portfolio on the same day of late August (bought at $322, sold at $372). That was a $50 price gap, more than enough for me at the moment, so I am happy with it. A partial and timely profit taking in Google has been made already $138.70 on 17/11/23, and I already shared this decision with you, so that I am not in a hurry to cut the other piece of my Google. Next, I sold some Amazon stocks (bought at $139.50 on August 4, when I told you that Amazon stocks were looking more solid than Apple, sold at $154), Even though I was mistaken when saying that Amazon was a more pragmatic investment than Apple. Besides, I sold more than half of my Qualcomm at $142.77, bought at $110.55 on September 12. I still hold most of my Tesla stocks (bought below $200), and all of my Dell Technologies (06/09/23), Merck, Disney, Walmart etc. I don't sell my Gold (bought on 18/09/23), as I was successful enough to get some juice on Brent crude oil futures and some short-time trades, including this week's USD/JPY (sold at 143.70 on 19/12/23, closed at 141.95) and last week's purchase of GBP/USD, though a major share of my planned profit in the Pound Sterling just faded due to much weaker than expected inflation data from the UK. That is a short-time trader's life, I am afraid. Anyway, the previous months were very exciting. So, the other day we are going to Langkawi archipelago, Malaysia, wish me luck. Forgive me, I am not sure I will write to you from there before the end of the trip, but we will see. Hope you will have a wonderful Christmas as well, and may your deepest dreams come true. Merry Xmas, and have a little blitheness!