The U.S. Dollar should demonstrate it weakness, Last week I was looking at the EURUSD, but the pair is still above crucial support at 1.07500 without any but signal. Now I am looking at the GBPUSD to break through the resistance at 1.25400.

The pair has reached all of its downside targets and the Pound is ready to recover. The GBPUSD may go down a little, as the Federal Reserve will announce its monetary decisions next week. But, the pair may be on the recovery path before that. So, I have my plan for long trades.

Most importantly, the Pound has to demonstrate its strength, and the paid should rise to 1.25400-1.25800. It the pair will move to retest the 1.25200-1.25400 area it will be a good buy signal for me. The stop loss would be set below 1.24000, while the take profit order may be placed at 1.29000.