I don't think the recent S&P 500 retracement to a 5,050-5,075 area is threatening the stock rally. This short correction began last Friday only because of the clear drawdown in the US banking segment. I expected the trash scenario for the flagship banking stocks when I sold off my last remaining stocks of JPMorgan (JPM) just a day before the bearish signs were included into its weaker forward guidance as an attachment to a regular and strong quarterly report. I am not going to repeat all of my arguments behind the situation. Anyway, when other sectors of the market are mostly stable or unmoved, the downward momentum by several leading banks define the overall bearish mood for the broad indexes. Meanwhile, the fundamentals of the rally, especially in the AI and e-commerce segments, still look as strong as it was a couple of weeks ago and in recent months as well. Therefore, I feel comfortable to invest some free cash into temporarily discounted chip producers like AMD, or into the GPT chats based giants, including Microsoft and Google. I have no doubts in a step-by-step recovery of AMD from its current $160 per share to above $200 once again to cover a nearly 30% discount from its peaking price, even though high bond yields behind a drop in banking stocks, Middle East developments to some extent, may bring the S&P 500 to 5,000 or even a little bit lower when going with the flow. All this temporary agenda is hardly to change the basic instincts of large investment houses that avoid money and want more shares in growing businesses.