I am not a big expert in cosmetics businesses. However, today's strong momentum in Estee Lauder (EL) stock made me excited enough to try an old and simple but usually effective trading technique with this particular asset. Estee Lauder added about 6% to its market value in only one trading session and managed to hold initial gains after the company's management announced changing tack for one of its popular brands, which is Clinique, so that it can be sold via Amazon's Premium Beauty store. Of course, large capacities of Amazon may allow every company to enhance sales. Honestly, I have no idea if it will work well in this case or not, but I see a very good chance of riding an upside move to test the nearest $160-165 resistance area for the stock. I speak about this from a purely technical point of view of a more or less experienced trader, who knows that putting a zero size stop-loss on today's entry point after two or three days of accelerating upside move is one of the ways to catch a potentially much bigger trend. Otherwise, nobody would hold me from simply cutting small losses for this kind of a situational trading strategy.

Clinique line-up is the first Estée Lauder brand to be launched on Amazon, and it is a major decision for the company who has long been reluctant to recognize any mass merchant retailer, including Sephora, etc. Estee Lauder believes it should cater to the department store customer. This change sounds interesting enough for paying a moderate attention to the company. Clinique is also known as a brand, which designed a popular skin analysis tool in the form of an interactive questionnaire to custom fit a skin care regimen, which will be offered on Amazon now as well.

Being a male I can rely on my girlfriend's judgement who just told me that is an exciting thing to try. So, let me partially agree with this beauty mind's estimation when taking at least one of my trading decisions. So, we will see where these consideration will lead my investments within a week or so.