Bank of America stocks lost 25% during the last month. The only reason for such a decline is worries for the paper losses of HTM assets. However, most of the banking institutions in the United States have the same issues, and it is of little important if the bank can hold these instruments until their maturity date. Big banking institutions are benefiting from the current banking troubles amid large deposit inflows. Bloomberg reported $15 billion inflows of deposits to BofA since the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). The overall deposits rose to above $1.93 trillion. The SVB had a specific combination of uninsured deposits together with huge losses from HTM assets behind its crash. The amount of these losses made rebalancing of these assets towards those with higher income almost impossible. The bank was forced to sell all of its assets to allow its clients to get their deposits back. BofA default risks are minimal. The management forecasted EPS at $3.43 in 2023, while BAC stocks are currently priced at $28. Investors can buy its stocks with the discount last seen during pandemic panic.