JPM stocks are trading 12% off their February peaks. This banking institution has client deposits of $2.34 trillion as a major source of funding, while uninsured deposits are only at $137 billion or 5.9% of the total. The bank has a substantial amount of liquidity of $540.5 billion to mitigate any kind of financial risks. The management of JP Morgan is far more experienced compared to Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). JPM has assets Available for Sale (AFS group) with the average yield at 3.5% and Held-to-maturity assets (HTM group) with the average yield at 2.25%. SVB had it at 1.51% and 1.63% respectively. The comparison of JPM with regional American banks is not correct as the bank has strong fundamentals. JPM stocks lost little of their peaks, and will hardly perform a strong recovery rally. The bank has a P/E ratio at 10.5, lower than the average at 11.5 during the last decade, but above sector median at 8.1. Thus, JPM stocks could be added to the long-term investment portfolios at the current attractive price.