Arlo is a maker of surveillance cameras and services. Its stocks are trading 45% off their 2022 peaks, while rallying 80% from their April 2023 bottom prices. Nevertheless, there is still some room for this stock price to climb. The reason for this possibility emerged after the company presented its Q4 2022 earnings report, where the number of paid subscribers rose above 2 million with 200,000 new clients added during this quarter. Sales of surveillance cameras are dropping, while services sales are gaining momentum. Arlo offers cloud-based storage to its clients to keep their recordings, “smart” door locks, and 4k recording format. The company allows users to install its cameras themselves without any mandatory obligations to contact expensive service providers. The home surveillance market is estimated to be worth $53 billion in the United States alone, and may expand to $78 billion by 2025. Arlo may potentially increase its revenues that were reported at $500 million. Arlo, just like many other similar startups, has not had the chance yet to deliver earning but this may soon change as the company is focused on high margin services with their share at 32% in the revenues compared to 20% a year ago.