Shopify stock prices are far from their highs despite the increase of 30%since the beginning of 2023. The E-commerce platform business is now far from being in top form considering muted consumer activity. The situation could be called the worst, and any positive developments may boost its stock prices. Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) is at $200 billion a year with Shopify, which is around a third of the same volumes at Walmart. Revenues to GMV ratio grew by 17% to 2.85%. Shopify earnings are expected to rise by 19% in 2023. The firm is working hard to improve clients’ loyalty via Shopify Capital, a cash advance product for merchants, and also Shopify Payments, a service that allows merchants to accept payments without requiring a third-party payment gateway, which is very popular among off-line stores, and some other services like tax calculators. Staples and Heinz are among the clients of Shopify. The number of Shopify services is growing, and they are spreading beyond the on-line segment. This is very likely to raise Shopify stock prices in the future.