Bandwidth lost much of its market capitalisation during the recent market correction, just like most of the other tech companies. The company offers communication services and its communications platform as they sell software application for voice and messaging with its own IP voice network. Many designers of apps use its services to communicate with users. This was extremely vital during the pandemic, but the firm’s business slowdown recently. Its revenues are expected to add 1-2% to $573.1 million in 2023 compared to 30% up in the Q4 2022. Revenues forecast may seem too pessimistic, but may indicate some business issues for 2023.  Nonetheless, the need to communicate will only intensify. The company generates revenue on every communication its clients are making online. So, its revenues are likely to increase as most of the firms prefer to communicate online. The company has Google, Zoom, Arlo, and some other prominent companies as its clients. The market is estimated at $12 billion, and that is 20 times above BAND revenues. Thus, adding this stock with a 90% discount to its peak prices to your portfolio could be very attractive.