Chewy is the online market place for pet products. Its shares lost around 70% of their peak prices despite the strong sustainability of the sector to the recession. The company has a very loyal client base. It reported $400 sales per client in average during the second year of its retention, $700 – for a third year and $900 for the fourth year. Its customers are gradually increasing pet spending, allowing Chewy to boost its sales. Many young people in the United States adopted their pet companions during the pandemic, making the company’s client base even larger.  The company has more than 20 million clients now, and is looking to improve its monetisation by offering pet products under its own Tylee’s brand, veterinary services. The company sees telemedicine, pet drug sales, and pet insurance as perspective sectors of expansion. The management is looking for ways to expand outside the United States.  That could indicate healthy perspectives for the growing business of the firm and its stocks.